Free. Fair. Fun. 

BLANCHE is one of the first Scandinavian fashion brands to be Fairtrade certified. The Fairtrade certification is our commitment to responsible design across the entire supply chain. 

So what does Fairtrade mean for you?

Free, Fun and Fair. With our Fairtrade certified styles, you get quality products that are FREE from chemicals, pay FAIR wages and are FUN to wear! The certification covers our woven cotton made in India. This means our cotton products are made in a way that minimizes environmental harm and protects the people involved - from seed, farm, production, to packaging and labelling. 



When we considered more certifications, we chose Fairtrade because it has strict environmental, labor and fair market policies. To earn this certification our supply chain pays a fair price for cotton to the farmers, pays fair wages, protects workers health and safety, and provides safe working conditions. Further, requirements in the Fairtrade standards ban genetically modified cotton seeds.

In India, where BLANCHE sources its cotton, Fairtrade works with farmers to stop the usage of agrochemicals and supports them in adapting to changing climate patterns. Cotton, even organic cotton, is a highly water intensive crop. This is a critical problem for cotton producing areas in India where water is already scarce.  Fairtrade cotton fields in India are rain-fed, reducing the region's water footprint, when compared with production in other countries. 


In sum, the Fairtrade certification connects products to the entire ecosystem that helped create it. Certified in 2021, our first Fairtrade styles are being launched in May 2022.


Jennifer F. Gestsdóttir