At Blanche, we are lucky to meet many inspiring women. In our journal Carte Blanche, we seek out creatives to learn about what fuels them, and how they make it as a creative.

Kristina Dam is a multi-hyphenate designer who works at the intersection of graphic design, furniture, sculptures, and painting. An advocate of structural minimalism, Kristina is the design director of her eponymous line Kristina Dam Studio. We talked to Kristina about how she got her start and what you should think about before you buy your next piece of design. 

Buy with your heart and buy something you want to keep for many years. Saving up for something you want makes you appreciate it more.”

  • What is the best advice you have ever gotten?

    Carry yourself with ease and have an uncomplicated approach to the challenges you face on your way. Remember to meet others right where they are.

  • How do you fuel your creative energy?

    I love traveling to big cities and where I get inspired by art, architecture and what I experience when exploring the cities. I also get inspired by someone wearing an attractive outfit…textures and colors,  and the décor of stores and cafes. When visiting our manufacturers, I get inspired by new techniques or when I get to understand their crafts and production methods.

  • How did you find your purpose & build your successful business?

    I had a strong desire to bring art into the interior business and, from there, reach ordinary people who do not necessarily go to galleries. Starting Kristina Dam Studio and building it was hard work. You have to be willing to take on many tasks – some you might not have tried before. Be ready to take responsibility.

    My strength is that I have a strong desire to design, and I can’t not create – I have a strong passion for what I do, and I’m excited when I receive a prototype and a new design gets closer to being realized and being a part of our collections.

  •  What if people don’t like something you made?

    We are all different, and I can’t, and won’t, design something that everyone likes – I don’t believe anyone can.

  • Tell us about a time you failed.

    To me, 'failed' is a hard word. When I look back, there are plenty of times I would have done something smarter. I believe you learn from the bumps and stumbling on your way.

    One episode that is clear to me is when I needed a wood manufacturer and got in contact with someone in Bosnia and went to see them independently. I was excited, but they cheated me for 25.000 DKK, which I never received products for. That was a beginner's mistake and taught me not always to trust what I'm told when it comes to production. The episode was a pity, and I learned a lot from it.

  • What keeps you grounded when you are extra busy.

    Walks on my own at the beach or work out, meditate, and spend time with my husband and children.

  • Advice for those buying their next design piece.

    Buy with your heart and buy something you want to keep for many years. Saving up for something you want makes you appreciate it more.

  • What makes you laugh?

    I laugh a lot and have a positive spirit. I get thrilled when my team and I create something together and lift each other up – that’s something I really love!

Jennifer F. Gestsdóttir
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