With our Fairtrade certified styles, you receive high-quality products that are free from chemicals, ensuring fair wages for all involved in the process. Our Fairtrade certification covers our woven cotton classic apparel and knitted cotton items produced in India. This commitment ensures that our Fairtrade cotton and knitted products are crafted in a manner that not only upholds environmental sustainability but also prioritizes the well-being of everyone involved—from seed and farm to production, packaging, and labeling.

  • When considering additional certifications, we chose Fairtrade because it upholds strict environmental, labor, and fair market policies. To obtain this certification, our supply chain ensures a fair price is paid for the cotton to the farmers, fair wages are provided, worker health and safety are protected, and safe working conditions are maintained. Furthermore, the Fairtrade standards prohibit the use of genetically modified cotton seeds.

  • In India, where BLANCHE sources its cotton, Fairtrade collaborates with farmers to cease the use of agrochemicals and supports them in adapting to changing climate patterns. Cotton, even organic cotton, is a highly water-intensive crop. This poses a significant challenge in cotton-producing regions of India where water is already scarce. Fairtrade cotton fields in India are rain-fed, reducing the region's water footprint compared to production in other countries.