Blanche proudly presents ”Atlas,” a captivating collection of styles that embodies our commitment to sustainability and style confidence. Inspired by the notion of a collection of maps, ”Atlas” represents the universe of Blanche, a Copenhagen based womenswear brand known for its effortless yet stylish designs that transcend seasons and stand the test of time.

The Essence of ”Atlas”: ”Atlas” stands as a collection of versatile pieces, designed with confidence and femininity in mind. The focus is on timeless elegance, with soft and flattering colors that offer a touch of freshness. Each design pays attention to detail, ensuring they effortlessly adapt to various occasions.


Sustainable Materials: In this collection, we proudly introduce new sustainablematerials that align with our core values. The ”Inresst” line features raw materials sourced from discarded fishing nets and ghostfishing, transformed into yarn with a super low emission process, significantly reducing water and electricity consumption.

Additionally, our ”Argile” denim program uses ancient natural clay dyeing techniques, offering a chemical-free and environmentally friendly approach.

Ethical Fashion: As always, Blanche remains committed to responsible materials ,including ”Seawool,” ”Svanemærket,” ”New Life,” Fairtrade, and 100% organic cotton. Our goal is to create a positive impact while empowering women to make ethical fashion choices.Join us on this sustainable fashion journey with ”Atlas” - a collection that celebrates individuality, elegance, and timeless style, all while leaving a positive mark on the planet.