Denim has a storied history, first appearing centuries ago in India as the woven cotton textile called dungaree. In the late 17th century, weavers in Nîmes, France, began producing the fabric we now know as denim. The word “denim” is a contraction of the French phrase “serge de Nîmes,” withsergereferring to a cotton twill fabric.


At Blanche, denim is at the core of our design DNA, with a focus on adding statement details to our denim pieces in order to elevate this wardrobe staple. The denim that we use is made from 100% organic cotton. We are committed to using the best denim, both for our customers and the planet. This means reduced water use, certified suppliers, and resource-efficient techniques throughout the production process.

  • The wonderful thing about denim is that it ages beautifully, becoming like a second skin as you wear it again and again. A high-quality piece of denim clothing, well-cared for, can last for decades (if not longer). This is the level of quality and timeless design we strive for at Blanche.

  • Immediately recognized for its strength and longevity, denim became popular worldwide, particularly as a work uniform material.